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About Dr. Joan

Dr. Samuels-Dennis is the Director and Founder of Becoming Canada. She established Becoming Canada in response to a deep and spiritually-driven desire to inspire and transform the lives of people overwhelmed by the stressors and trials encountered over their lifetime.

Dr. Samuels-Dennis completed her PhD at the University of Western Ontario with clinical and research expertise in mental health promotion and trauma-informed health service delivery. She is currently an adjunct Professor at Trinity Western University with research and clinical work keenly focused on perfecting the efficacy of a transformational forgivness process she calls Becoming.

She is the Co-Editor of Becoming: The Journey to Self Love, a compilation of stories that demonstrate women’s movement from places of suffering to full knowledge and connection to self, others, and God. She is transformational visionary whose deepest desire is to bring world peace by the power of forgiveness.

I help people heal emotionally and bring inner peace, good courage, confidence and hope into their lives.

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