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  • Masterclass:Forgiveness
  • Course Goals:Wellbeing
  • Media:10 Videos
  • Handouts:5 Articles
  • Time Alottment:2 Hrs/Wk
  • Price $97

Becoming True Self

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis Spiritual Growth

Introducing Become True Self – A 35-day life journey designed to help you master the art of forgiveness and manifest in your life the deepest and purest desires of your heart.

Are you being called to remember?

If you are struggling in your marriage; you are being called to remember something.
If you are struggling in your relationship with family and friend; you are being called to remember something.
If you are struggling with your boss or even the satisfaction you get from your career; you are being called to remember.

You are being called to remember and forgive.

You are being called to become the most loving, authentic, and powerful version of yourself.

No matter what we wish to achieve, our ability to reach our goals and manifest that, “thing” in our life is determined by our level of spiritual fitness. When we are physically healthy, it impacts how much energy we have and the things we are able to achieve. In the same way, our spiritual health impacts our ability to live as God commands and demands.

Are you living in a fear-based state where emotions like shame, pride, guilt, anger, rage, and a sense of helplessness consume your energy? Are you desiring to move to a place where hope, strength and courage to fill your days and night? Are you long for success and prosperity to enter your life?

If we are ever to overcome fear and embrace the life of love and light God commands and demands, we must master the art of forgiveness and begin a beautiful journey I call Rising. Rising is a progressive spiritual journey that answers two questions: 1) “As a child of God, What is the highest and purest expression of who I am?” 2) “How are my experiences linked to God’s desires and purpose for my life?”

This 5-week masterclass designed and delivered by Dr. Joan teaches the art of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift that we have all been granted. In the same way, we must offer it to all others. The course will move you through an intensive healing journey that brings power, love, and clarity of mind. It will teach you how to examine the lessons that are embedded in each moment you forgive. It will help you to understand how your fears, beliefs about who you are, who others are, and who God is is in fact impacted by the most painful moments in our lives. It will teach you how to begin the journey of overcoming your fears and rising to the height of Love and Light. It will teach you how to become like Christ. This Masterclass is designed to accelerate your growth and transformation in 3 critical life areas:

  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Life Purpose

The Key Moments We Forgive

On July 11, 2018, Dr. Joan sat down with Jem Jackson of I’m Still Standing to talk about forgiveness and its benefits to our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Jem is a curator of women’s stories and talked to Dr. Joan about her own journey of forgiveness. The interview is broken into 3 part of ease of viewing. The interview as a whole addresses Dr. Joan’s desire to see every human master the art of forgiveness and transform into the most powerful, loving, and authentic version of themselves.

Connecting with the True Source of Love

Purpose in Pain