490 Forgive and Live Fearlessly

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Becoming With Dr. Joan

Dr. Joan is the founder and director of Becoming Canada. She is on a mission to see every individual transform into the most powerful, loving, and beautiful version of themselves.

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Becoming Events & Speaking Engagements

Dr. Joan is an international speaker who helps her audience experience a personal transformation as they listen. She has mastered the art of connecting deeply with her audience as she shows them how to fearlessly pursue their destiny.

Becoming Therapy

Dr. Joan practices a holistic style of psychotherapy called Becoming Therapy. BT is a Christian counselling technique that makes forgiveness front and centre of the process. BT resolves depression and anxiety within 3-5 sessions.

Becoming Books

Becoming Books LLC is a publishing house founded by Dr. Joan to support women with writing and publishing their stories of personal transformation. You have a story that must be shared with the world. Begin your writing journey today.

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Empowering Men & Women To Live Fearlessly

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  • Becoming Beautiful I Am

    Becoming Beautiful I Am

    Many are called, but few are chosen. Come discover your unique purpose! Develop faith-directed goals! Set the stage for success …

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