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About Dr. Joan

Welcome to Becoming, my name is Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis. I am the founder and director of Becoming, Canada Inc. and I created this organization to live out my divine purpose to help every individual who is ready transform into the most powerful, loving, and authentic version of themselves.

I use an eye-opening forgiveness process to help people experience a personal and spiritual transformation that moves them from that place of stuckness that is often mis-interpreted as mental illness, into a place where they live with passion and purpose. When we become aware of ourselves as spiritual beings and pursue love, our life health, and living shifts in bold and beautiful ways.

Christ is the only Divine avitar of forgiveness

I am a Christian who has made a conscious decision not to repeat the atrocities of the past. Those who colonized and enslave my ancestors took their knowledge (Yoruba knowledge and practices), claimed it as their own and re-wrote our history. Beyond that, they demonized our culture and spiritual practices. The healing practices of all cultures including the African has been subverted by post-colonial science and medicine.

Chronic and enduring depression and anxiety heals and subsides in as litte as one session because I combine forgiveness holistically with knowledge and wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), applied kinesiology, and mirror neuron therapy. Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are simply the symptoms of our spiritual disconnection. Healing comes with forgiveness and reconciliation to ourselves and God.

Forgiveness allows us to know our truth, speak our truth, and know when other are speaking truth

I am the creator of the Becoming Beautiful I Am book project, an anthology written by women about their transitions from places of struggle to that place I call “overcoming”. On September 7th each year, I host a Truth, Forgiveness and Reconciliation event that draws attention to a human rights issue affecting our most vulnerable populations. My life work is now dedicated to putting a spot light on the many issues faced by the African Diaspora which continues to experience the trans-generational consequences of slavery.

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