490 Forgive and Live Fearlessly

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Topics Covered In The Book

The Record Of Wrong

490 introduces to us an intriguing mind-body-spirit concept called the Record of Wrong.

The Room

490 each of us to peer into ‘Our Room’ and glean 3 nuggets of wisdom.

Separation and Disconnection

Each of us have two moments we must forgive in order to love and live fearlessly.

Dreams & Vision

490 send a loud message: dreams are one of God’s primary channels of communication.

Christ-like Forgiveness

490 introduces us to a simple yet profound forgiveness process that is not only innovative but freeing!


Forgiveness set the foundation for our spiritual transformation, a process Dr. Joan calls Rising!

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Interesting Facts About 490

490 is an inspired work written in 10 days for everyone with an open heart, mind and spirit.

Before going to publication, 30 individuals from her social networks to read 490 and provided feedback.

490 weaves in Dr. Joan’s healing journey, her clinical insights, and a roadmap for your healing and spiritual transformation.

This book will help you master the art of forgiveness. After that, prepare for your life to shift in unexpected ways.

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Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis

She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from the University of Western Ontario. She established Becoming Inc. in response to a deep and spiritually driven desire to teach about the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Joan practices a holistic style of forgiveness that helps people overcome a myriad of mental and physical health problems. The efficacy of this innovative technique lies in its ability to identify a moment in time she calls “the room”—the year, month and day the individual first experienced something that caused overwhelming fear.

Dr. Joan teaches every individual how to examine that moment and find three critical pieces of information: their love language, fear triggers and fear language.

Dr. Joan

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