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  • Masterclass:Forgiveness
  • Course Goals:Fearless Living
  • Media:8 Videos
  • Handouts:1 Articles
  • Time Allotment:30 min/day
  • Price Free

The 490 Marathon

Dr. Joan Personal Balance

Forgiveness was a hot topic of 2018. It will be the hottest topic in 2019. Christ has put out a call to which Humanity must respond. It’s a call for peace, and peace only comes through forgiveness. We all know from a young age we should forgive, the problem is we are not usually taught how. Beyond that, no one has ever told us about the LOVE and FEAR lessons embedded in our forgiveness. A time is coming and is now here when we will forgive as often as we pray. The time has come for the purification and transformation of the body of Christ. This FREE 7-part video series will teach you how to master the art of Christ-like forgiveness. It will teach you how to live FEARLESSLY. Share it widely. Tis the season for FORGIVENESS.