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eBook 490: Forgive and Live Fearlessly

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490 shares powerful stories coupled with an eye-opening forgiveness technique that empowers anyone to experience every day with strength and clarity.You cannot be happy, healthy, or step into your purpose until you know and understand fully three things about yourself: your love language, fear triggers, and fear language. Knowing this changes everything!In this book of compelling stories paired with eye-opening truths, Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis introduces us to the room – a moment in time we must all forgive before we can transform into the beautiful and powerful being we were born to be. Moving beyond principles and theories of the mind, 490 takes readers on an inspiring spiritual journey to discover the thing we all seek and provides a roadmap for attaining the highest level of personal growth and spiritual development. The imagery, challenges, and love woven into this book are vital for such a time as this. This book will offer you opportunities to peer into your room and to begin the journey of fully pursuing your peace. It will allow you to heal past pains and construct new patterns of thinking, speaking, and behaving that exude compassionate understanding, acceptance, and love for yourself and all others. It will show you a new way to live, a way that transforms the heart, soul and mind!