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eBook 490: Forgive and Live Fearlessly ($5.99 USD)

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We have all been taught that we need to forgive and most of us are willing to forgive. The challenge is we have not been taught how to forgive.

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, forgiveness therapist and spiritual teacher, offers us bird’s eye view of a powerful forgiveness process that allows us to heal our past pains and construct new patterns of compassionate understanding, acceptance, and love.

Dr. Joan uses clinical research and her captivating life journey to bring awareness to the “room” — the first moment in time we experience FEAR. 490 Places in our hands an innovative technique that helps everyone across the world find their room and the wisdome buried there.

The imagery, challenges, and love weaved into this book are vital for such a time as this. 490 will reveal our love language, fear triggers, and fear language. It will teach you how to crush the Spirit of Fear. Finally, we all have access to a method of forgiveness that shows us how to live fearlessly!